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home again

26 Feb

After a 3-hour exam of the mixture of biology,physics and chemistry this afternoon,some classmates and I had to go to the extra class for chemistry.
So we did not leave school until 6:30 pm.
When I got home,it was 7:20pm I guess.
btw,I took a photo when we were walking out of the school building where we had our extra class.

Chemistry is hard to me.

I start being interested in programming.And I‘m going to buy a learning book of HTML.


After reading

24 Feb

After reading Mike Shinoda’s new blog,thought following.
Those guys who enjoyed the concert were so lucky.That’s right,I’m jealous.I am a poor LP fan who lived in China and live a busy life filled with study.
Then I appreciate how Mike was dealing with his broken keys.Without changing must be an unforgettable memory.
Last,what a pity that I don’t have a credit card .I can’t donate.I’ve heard that the rebuilding construction there went slowly.bless.
alright,maths test tomorrow and there’s 102 more days to graduated. hard work.

Thanks,my friends.

20 Feb

To remember my birthday of this year,I took a photo of my presents.

Not many but delighting!

I had already described these before.

And heres the late gift from YOYO.

Oh,I love chocolate best.but I can’t let my weight win!I should be cautious^ ^

Love you my friends!!>@<

I’m still a fan of NewS.

20 Feb

When I was a Jr. hish school student,I was a big fan of NEWS,especially the leader of it,Yamashita Tomohisa.He is interesting and I saw his hard work from concerts ,interviews.

Their lyrics are always filled with energy.

Recently,I find Yamashita having more solo albums,and even finished a concert tour in HK.

Lots of things I didn’t know when I was studying at school.T T

My ipod still have the songs of NEWS from their former albums.And I may try the new one from Yamashita Tomohisa later.Yes,he changed his appearance on the album cover.

Now,I am a big fan of Linkin Park,meanwhile I am still a fan of NEWS.

And I listen to the music in many styles,cuz I love those which moving my heart.

Before your 19

20 Feb

Met a old friend who just broke up with her bf.She was just so upset.
Though they had being together 2 months,she couldn’t adjust herself back.It must be hard.
After all,I have no such experience.Not because I’m good at dealing with bf things,just because I don’t even have my first bf.Don’t be astonished,my parents just telling me do all the things but boyfriend stuff.
It’s normal in my school at least.
Seeing these things sometimes I will happy that I don’t have to be hurt.But I’m 19 now and my last high school time will over in 100 days,and it would be a pity.It maybe means, in some wa,y I would never have a boyfriend in an extremely pure relationship.
Well,I may pretend to had enjoyed it from reading comics.
So my friend,no more cry,at least you have enjoyed it before you 20. ^Σ^

18 Feb

Can’t find the title blank again.weird.
So I don’t feel good tonight.It feels like I am dreaming,not good.
I have to go to bed and there will be a test tomorrow afternoon.god.

birthday gift from Yoyo

16 Feb

When I was studying this night,Yoyo came to my classroom with a package and smiled with “Happy Birthday,though mine is late”
No,I’m happy.
That’s a box of chocolate packed with gift paper in vivid color!thanks.
Yoyo and I used to be classmates in Jr. High school.And then we go No.2 high school but in different class.
By the way,we Chinese are think importantly of going a good school.So I spent my Jr. High school time in Foreign Language School which is the most one people loved.It needs a entering test.And mine scores were 4 points less than the entrance score,thus,my father did something and I entered.A little bit shame but thanks to this,I met nice friends and teachers.You know the teaching style there is quite different from others’.
About high school,no.1 high school is the best and no.2 high school follows,and then are no.8 high school and no.14 school.I was lucky and entered no.2 school though it was a pity missed the no.1 school.
But at least It was I myself earned the chance to go to no.2 high school .
So what would be my college?frustrated