10 Feb

It’s strange I can’t find the blank to add the title in mobile site. ;(
I don’t really enjoy my new school term today.I heart that we will have the first sim college entrance examinations from 13 to 15,yea 3 days.and then continue going to school,without a break.It clearly announced that we having a 10-day school week,no weekend.
About the examination,it’s said that this one will be the very one to see your level,and the grades are almost the same as your final ones in the real entrance examinations.so frustrated.
It’s getting late.Go to sleep!(I was busy doing holiday homework last two days,which account for my sleeping 6 hours in 2 days.)
tomorrow will be Mike Shinoda’s birthday,wow.So I will go to leave a comment there tomorrow ,and really hope he could see the birthday card I drew. (>v<)

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