Hi there

14 Feb

Yes,the tests is finished.
I returned home this afternoon.
Not feeling really nice.
What delighted me this last week is the birthday presents sent by my friends in school.
The gifts are not expansive but I will cherish them.
My deskmate gave me an photo album with a letter inside.so I decide to select some photos to have them developed some day.and I will keep taking photos.
And two of my classmates said they left the gift home.(we are in boarding school,but Some of us choose to leave school dormitory,like me.)
Two of my former roommates sent me a kind of dIY thing.it offers you the materials to make a toy wooden room,and it even provides with tiny light!
One gave me a music pillow which could connect to my iPod.
And for the 19 people who are not in my class and wrote the wish cards,I love you!
Handwriting thing is the most awesome thing!!
And another one gave me a decorating clock.

On feb 7th,I also received many wishes on SMS messages ,QQ and renren.
I’m satisfied that friends remembered my birthday.thanks here though none of my friends know this place.


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