birthday gift from Yoyo

16 Feb

When I was studying this night,Yoyo came to my classroom with a package and smiled with “Happy Birthday,though mine is late”
No,I’m happy.
That’s a box of chocolate packed with gift paper in vivid color!thanks.
Yoyo and I used to be classmates in Jr. High school.And then we go No.2 high school but in different class.
By the way,we Chinese are think importantly of going a good school.So I spent my Jr. High school time in Foreign Language School which is the most one people loved.It needs a entering test.And mine scores were 4 points less than the entrance score,thus,my father did something and I entered.A little bit shame but thanks to this,I met nice friends and teachers.You know the teaching style there is quite different from others’.
About high school,no.1 high school is the best and no.2 high school follows,and then are no.8 high school and no.14 school.I was lucky and entered no.2 school though it was a pity missed the no.1 school.
But at least It was I myself earned the chance to go to no.2 high school .
So what would be my college?frustrated

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