Before your 19

20 Feb

Met a old friend who just broke up with her bf.She was just so upset.
Though they had being together 2 months,she couldn’t adjust herself back.It must be hard.
After all,I have no such experience.Not because I’m good at dealing with bf things,just because I don’t even have my first bf.Don’t be astonished,my parents just telling me do all the things but boyfriend stuff.
It’s normal in my school at least.
Seeing these things sometimes I will happy that I don’t have to be hurt.But I’m 19 now and my last high school time will over in 100 days,and it would be a pity.It maybe means, in some wa,y I would never have a boyfriend in an extremely pure relationship.
Well,I may pretend to had enjoyed it from reading comics.
So my friend,no more cry,at least you have enjoyed it before you 20. ^Σ^

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