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Blossom flowers here

29 Mar

I took some photos and would show this weekend when I am home
Have nice day



27 Mar

As I said before,I stayed in bookstore until 8:25.And took photos before and after 8:30.Well,no such big difference.
After all,the EARTH HOUR is not heard by all of citizens in our city.I really want to know the moment in other cities.
And I got to know a access to post tweets by sending emails,through yfrog.This is really convenient,as both Twitter and yfrog had been shut off by our government.
I always use Tor to approach the webs outside China on PC,and I felt inconvenient without PC during the school time(I would live in a flat ranted near the high school) before.
Anyway,I’m satisfied now

Turn off the light for an hour

25 Mar

Tomorrow,i would go extra class after school and take bus around 6:45 pm.And I wouldn’t head for home,I would reach the big book store near my block at 7:20 and keep selecting randomly until 8:30.
Yes,the time for the hour for our earth.I want to find myself swallowed by the darkness,though it’s impossible.I would take some photos and I really hope the majority would participate in.
Isn’t it stupid?No!absolutely not.
Though I have a heavy study day with tests and wouldn’t be at home soon,I would enjoy my own time companied by no one.
Do remember to off the lamp for an hour, it’s the time to delight mother planet a little bit.every minute counts.


21 Mar

Our class watched a movie this was 3 Idiots.and I find it interesting and also inspiring.but we stopped in last ten minutes because of the time limited.
I would go and see the ending this weekend

tor browser doesn’t work

19 Mar

It was just sad to find that I couldn’t reach Twitter and some webs anymore. 😦
I think the damn Chinese government had done something else to get the whole native out of the reach of outside net.
Not happy.

and here is the sketch I talked before.

Random sketching

18 Mar

During the self study time tonight,my deskmate and I made a…strange sketch work.
At the beginning,I was just bored and came up with a idea.
I draw a segment of a scene and let she continue,to see if she has the same thought as mine.I delivered it without any tip.Actually,I showed the clues by like the expression on the person or something.But she just couldn’t make it.
So we started a random sketching.Just draw things in turns.
With the little paper running between us,it had been gradually filled with our weird,funny drawed things.
We laughed when the other changed the original attempt of the character.really interesting.
And I would put up the last piece of that later.

Cheer up

15 Mar

It is shocking that the nuclear reactors exploded one after a another in Japan.
And even the atmosphere in Tokyo will be influenced by the nuclear ash thing.
I hope everything will get better in the following days.
it’s time for human work together and overcome the challenges.
The world is praying for Japan.