I love days without text papers

4 Apr

Yeah,as I mentioned several days before,I would put up the photos of the lovely flowers.

The school announced a 2-day free(actually the school day ended at Sunday afternoon,meant the school just gave us senior 3 a whole weekends),which accounts for my spaeking here.
Yeah,all is for the traditional day in China,the Qingming Day.
What should we do?
Usually,the whole family would get together and set about visiting the grave where our ancestors or grandpa rest.In most western countries,they may just stand in front of the tomb and pary,lost in thoughts or something(well,I mean I learn these from movies.but movies do mirror the culture sometimes,right?)
Different from the western way,majority prefer to build the tomb in mountains.and we would climb maybe all the way.
At arrival,every one breathless but happy.Well,talking with family all the way and enjoying the scenery,even may losing some calories.
I don’t know the others’ procedure.About my family(we visit grandpa’s),my grandma is always the first arrival.So when we reach the destination,grandma has already cleaned the floor near the tomb.
And then women start out preparing the food and fruits for memorize my grandpa.The men would clean some weeds or have some conversation.I the young generation have no such thing to do.Well, I mean we could do anything.
Now I’m 19.but when I was younger,I would take some advantures companied with cousins there(but it was really dangerous,in fact.thankful that I didn’t have any emergency at that time.)
Once I even saw some snakes!and I love the mountain spring nearby.it tastes cool and clean.(my dad said it tasted sweet,but i disagreed.maybe it was because I regarded the “sweet” as a description word of candies at that time)
When women finish their work,they would ask everyone to put the RMB papers(not real money but legal,as it is produced for this special festival) on fire,Chinese believes that the ancestors could receive these money in another world.In addition,you could even fire the paper TV,paper cars,maybe paper iPhones.And people would go in front of tomb and pray one by one,say your word in your heart.
Then comes the lunch time.We eat up the food prepared before.The typical food of this day is served,too.I couldn’t name it in English but it was delicious.a traditional one.
And then,the family clean up the place and leave the mountain,say goodbye to each other.Dad,mom,my brother and I would leave the town and back to city.

So,it is tomorrow that we will hold the Qingming Day.And if time promise I may join the activity.Because,you know,I’m senior 3 now and preparing the college entrance examination.And my mum would allow my absence this time.
Oh,how could these homework kept growing heavier?


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