Thank god I still have a good eyesight

18 Apr

We took a health physical test for college applicants today,started at 14 end by 15:30.
all the girls worried about the most nearly naked item,I mean,we girls could only wear a bra and an underwear,5 in a group.this item aims to see your move addition with your body. It was just so embarrassing to see our class mates this situation.luckily,the quick procedure made us no time to look around.
The most exciting one was eyesight and hearing test.first,I got the high score in eyesight.and in hearing test,doctor would stand in a direction about 5 meters,and whisper names of cities then we repeat.It was so funny a girl in our group repeated in whisper just like the doctor did.and the doctor said”well,you don’t need to whisper it.”
By the way,I overslept and called my father to make an excuse to my headteacher.Of course,it’s my first time and my friend always says it works.

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