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15 May

I had posted one on Mother’s Day,but it was missing.
So now I would just put up the drawing I did for mother.

My bro and I rewatched the Blind Side this morning,it’s a good movie.

when I was watching a tv series about weapen on discovery channel,I heard When You Come for Me by Linkin Park during the break,as a background track in Get Out Alive.
And news came that Linkin Park will hold a concert in Taipei this september.oh,what a pity I am in the mainland.

Transformer 3 will be on July 1st,and I will go and see,whats more I will stay in seat until Iridescent ends:)

It is too bad that my Tor doesn’t work and I cant sign in Twitter…
birthday card for YOYO


tor browser doesn’t work

19 Mar

It was just sad to find that I couldn’t reach Twitter and some webs anymore. 😦
I think the damn Chinese government had done something else to get the whole native out of the reach of outside net.
Not happy.

and here is the sketch I talked before.

Random sketching

18 Mar

During the self study time tonight,my deskmate and I made a…strange sketch work.
At the beginning,I was just bored and came up with a idea.
I draw a segment of a scene and let she continue,to see if she has the same thought as mine.I delivered it without any tip.Actually,I showed the clues by like the expression on the person or something.But she just couldn’t make it.
So we started a random sketching.Just draw things in turns.
With the little paper running between us,it had been gradually filled with our weird,funny drawed things.
We laughed when the other changed the original attempt of the character.really interesting.
And I would put up the last piece of that later.


15 Feb

Isn’t it funny that I am always willing to get up early in free days but during the school days,I often get up with a mad face.

I got back REAL home yesterday,and will reach the rented flat this evening.So I don’t have to get up soooooooo early tomorrow. You know,my school starts 6:50,and if I want to make myself on time,I should get up at least at 5:30 am.killing me!

So let me put up my drawing on the day of the NEW lunar rabbit YEAR EVE. Enjoy it.lunar year of rabbit

Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda

9 Feb

I drew this card and put up here ahead of time.(I will post it on twitter later)

because my new school term will begin tomorrow,and when I go back it will be Saturday.




I could only find these color pens in my schoolbag,but I did try my best to draw it.

Really hope Mike can see this.

Happy birthday brilliant Mike!  🙂