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Why always Comment off?

10 Apr

I found that when I submit posts via mobile site,the posts turn to a comment-off one.But it won’t be like this when it is published by PC.
Is there anybody could help me out?

Well,I was happy to hear my extra chemistry teacher announced yesterday”Ok,this is your last lesson depends on your fee.if you guys want to continue being on my class,you could find me after class.”
My classmates and I smiled and whispered each other.Only 58 days left before the college entrance examination,I would rather go back home early after school on Saturday and learn something freely.So I quit,so will my friends. Really,here’s our school timetable on Saturday.
Arrive 6:40,start self study.
From 7:40 on,Following 2 math classes ,2 English classes and one Chinese class,40 minutes per class.
We start the mixture test of chemistry,physics and biology at 2:00 pm,and end at 4:10pm.then,it’s time to go home.every boarding school set off.Though I don’t live in the school dormitory but flat near the school,I still have to go home on takes me 40mins to home by bus.
So how could I continue the extra lesson after school.

That’s right,I could leave school as ordinary students and have more time to stay in bookstore.(i really enjoy reading.of course I will buy something if it is good)